Hi there, I'm Sam from Taylor Prints. Funny enough, Taylor is my last name. That's why I named my little picture hobby Taylor Prints. 33 is my age. A very interesting and unique fact about me, I am a full-time wheelchair user, as I have Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy and live on the very sunny (most of the time) coast of the UK, down near Brighton, Sussex. Seaford to be exact.

Many years ago, the exact number is irrelevant. I went to Brighton University, this was to study what I am so passionate about and what I really enjoy, that was Digital Media. This course covered so many different aspects of digital design. Including print and screen based design. From designing book covers to website design and even app design. My background in Art, my interest in this wonderful and creative subject, a subject that I studied and enjoyed at school, lead me to explore other means of unleashing my creative powers on the computer screen. This is where I am today, playing with photography in Photoshop, creating visual orgasms for your eyes.

I really love doing this work. Out of all the subjects mentioned above, my best and favourite would be Digital Photography. Because of the disability I live with, my I haven't got that much dexterity in my hands. Art is what I really do enjoy. In todays modern world and the times we live in, technological advances, such as the computer screen, enables me to use this tool as my canvas, so to speak. This is how I create stunningly good, high quality pictures.

So how do I do what I do, you might be asking this question to yourself right this minute. Well, its very simple. I take a photograph that I think would look good. I then transfer the photograph, wirelessly onto my Apple MacBook Pro. Load this into Photoshop, add a couple effects to it, enhance the quality of the image make sure it looks good and then export the image in ultra high resolution. So, that's all very well. How about framing the pictures and shipping them out to the customer? Well, this is the easy part, as due to my physical disability, i'm not involved in this at all. I do this using an online printing company. This is done by uploading the high resolution image on the Interweb thingy and they do the rest for me.

Pretty lazy really? Hey, if it produces stunningly beautiful, high quality, framed photography to very satisfied customers, at a reasonably price at the end, who cares how the product is produced?

So, if you'd like to have a browse at my work, please feel free too. Why not purchase an item whilst your on the page?